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Collection: LED Sign Tubes

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About LED Sign Tubes

T8 LED Sign Tubes with an R17 base are made of durable plastic and aluminum and feature LEDs on both sides to provide 360° illuminations. The optics were created to disperse light and deliver a smooth, even distribution while avoiding harsh hot spots.

Ballast bypass installation that is double-ended eliminates the need to waste time and resources replacing a failing ballast. The installer can also guide light where it's required with rotatable R17d end caps.

Installation Guide for Ballast Bypass LED Sign Tube

Go through this Guide to know about installing the ballast bypass LED Sign Tubes.

Step 1

Switch off the electricity. Turn off the light fixture's power. Before opening the fixture for any reason, disconnect the appropriate circuit breaker. If the fixture has a battery backup, make sure it is turned off. Make sure the voltage on the fixture is between 100 and 277 volts.

Step 2

Remove the fluorescent tube from the room. Remove and recycle the old fluorescent tubes. For instructions on how to recycle fluorescent tubes. To expose the ballast and wires, locate the ballast and remove any covers. If there is a luminaire disconnect, use it right now.

Step 3

To conceal all wires, replace the ballast cover. When the diffusion cover is removed, affix the fixture adjustment sticker to the ballast cover or some other visible spot. Replace the old t8 tubes with new led t8 tubes.

Step 4

Turn on the power after you've double-checked that all of the steps have been completed and that the fixture has been bypassed according to the diagram below.

P.S – Do not use these LED outdoor sign tubes if the voltage is not between 120V-277V.

Do you know anything about LED Lightbox?

LED Lightboxes are used to illuminate graphic displays and are made up of an outer frame, a graphic - usually fabric that allows light to pass through, and LED lighting - housed inside the frame or back panel that illuminates the mounted graphic. Lightboxes have proven to be a particularly successful way to maximize exposure and capture customer interest, with studies indicating that illuminated graphics can boost sales by up to 30% in both overt and subliminal advertising messages.

About Lightbox Ads

With interactive advertisement Lighting, you can reach, captivate, and entertain your potential customers. Lightbox ads react when people interact with them by clicking, pressing, or hovering over them. Lightbox advertising can fill the screen, play videos, or encourage users to swipe through a series of photos before landing on your website. Lightbox ads adapt to match ad spaces around the Display Network automatically.

Benefits of LED Lightbox

The following are some of the advantages of using Lightbox ads:

Connect with the right customers: You can use any of the various Display Network targeting strategies, such as affinity audiences, to target your advertising. Furthermore, you only pay when people interact with your ads, such as when they enlarge it and hold it open for three seconds or longer.

Attract the audience's attention: You can create interesting advertising that people would actually explore by using online tools you may already have, such as videos or catalogs. You may, for example, create an ad that extends to a full-screen canvas or one that plays a video inside the tab.